22 pieces kitchen utensils set

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The family that cooks together, stays together – Today we barely find the time for real quality moments with our family. Don’t let another day go by in a mad rush with instant food. Change it, cook with your kids and your spouse. You’re not wasting time, you’re investing it! Yansuf kitchen utensils set will allow you to create these special moments. They are safe and easy to use even for your kids and will help you create the perfect bonding experience every day.

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Boost your cooking experience - With so many options, shopping for cookware can be confusing. What cookware material to use, what shape or size should be used, is it dishwasher safe, is it durable and so much more. With this versatile set, you won't have to look any further.  These stainless steel corrosion and heat resistant utensils have all these features in one single set.

Premium built - Each piece of Yansuf kitchen utensil set is constructed from silicone, nylon or stainless steel for greater performance.
This set includes a silicone spoon spatula and a set of measuring cups and spoons.
They are safe to use with any cooking surface and come with large nylon handles for easy and comfortable grip.
Each utensil has a useful hanger hole in its handle to allow for storage on a rack or hooks.

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